Wildlife Prevention

Buying a home is a new and exciting adventure. When you buy a new home you have to take into consideration not only for the home, but for the environment around it. For instance, some of the maintenance the environment will need to care for are tree and bush trimming, your lawn will need to be mowed, follow burn ordinances in the guidelines of the city you live in, and pest control.

Regularly maintaining the tree, bushes, and lawns will keep the insect and bug populations down around your living area. If the trees, bushes, and grass grow wild it will attract rodents, snakes, ticks, and fleas into that area. This is the kind of environment these type of creatures thrive in.red-squirrel

Different cities have different ordinances for burning the brush and tree limbs in city limits. If these ordinances are not followed, you could end up fined, or with repeated violation of the ordinance could result in serving jail time. The city hall will have the proper documentation and calendar dates for you to be within the ordinances.

You have to consider the wildlife of the region when you move there. In different parts of the region, there will be an abundance of various animals. You will have to keep in mind this is their home environment too. Around your property line and near your house foundation you can put some repellent down that will give a scent off. This scent is a appalling smell to the wildlife and keep them away from your property. Some of the types of wildlife that could take over your yard include gofers, raccoon, squirrels, snakes, armadillo, and locusts.


You can trust a professional with atlanta armadillo removal and all other pests from Wildlife and Pest to safely, and humanely remove the little buggers from your home. Squirrels are the most common type of wildlife throughout the country to invade yards. Squirrel removal is simple and in some cases, can be done yourself. However, if you’re unsure, check out http://www.wildlifeandpest.com/locations/atlanta-wildlife-removal for more details. When you decide to remove the squirrels, you will need to have a set plan of action. It is recommended to speak with a neighbor or someone with knowledge of the animals before removing them. It is best to contact city hall of the town you reside in too. In some instances, the city requires a permit to be purchased for the removal of the squirrels. Other cities will not allow you to remove the squirrels yourself and will want only trained professionals to do so. If this is the instance, city hall will have the necessary contacts for the animal control they feel is qualified to remove the squirrels.