How To Safely Remove Squirrels

Removing squirrels safely without harm to yourself or the animal can be done is several different ways. While considering removing the squirrel yourself, it is important to put your safety first.

For your safety, take precautions around the animal. Always keep in mind the animal is wild and is not used to human contact. Where gloves, long sleeves, and long pants, and eye wear to protect yourself against any potential attacks.

The first way to manage removing squirrels successfully is live bait traps. These traps are large enough for the squirrel to fit in and will not harm them in anyway. You simply place the animals desired food in the cage to bait them. Then when they are in the cage eating the food, it will draw the cage door down, trapping the squirrel in the cage. With the animal trapped, you can then take them to a location of your choice to release them into the wild.

If the live cage trap does not work, then the next step is to call animal control. They have ways to catch the squirrels without threat of harming them. If you choose to have animal control take care of the issue, they are affiliated with the city to help with the job.