Wildlife in your house

imagesMy cat is constantly surprises me. He is the smartest cat I’ve ever owned in my entire life. He is delightfully silly, charming and full of fun. He’s also a hunter. When we moved from the suburbs of Atlanta to Atlanta proper, I was worried he would have a difficult time. He’s always been a suburban cat who likes to get out of my house now and then and go hunting. He’s actually pretty gentle with the prey he watches. I think he’s an old softy. He’ll play with a mouse and then let it go rather than harm the poor little thing.

When we moved to our new townhouse to be closer to my family and my husband’s job, I prepared him carefully. I made sure he had his own little space where he could retreat when we were in the house. I also brought his favorite cat toys with us when we moved. It all went well mostly. He was happy to be in a new and exciting place. I was pleased to be closer to our family and have a new home that I really liked. We were all pleased at the new house that I purchased.

What I didn’t realize that is the city can still have wildlife. Wildlife was everywhere near our new house. In a single day, I saw ten kinds of birds, three chipmunks and an possum. My cat also saw wildlife everywhere. This delighted him but it didn’t quite delight me as much. He also saw snakes. I’m mostly okay with snakes. They don’t go near me very much and I don’t go near them very much. My cat is a different creature. He’s always been fascinated by snakes. He loves how they move apparently. They also seem to respond to him for some reason.

So I was not entirely surprised over a period of a few days to find him dumping them in them in my house. I realized I 10005786283_07fbfaa5ff_kneeded humane snake removal and I needed it done as fast as possible. This led to me make several phone calls and find here http://www.wildlifeandpest.com/locations/atlanta-wildlife-removal the right kind of person to be on side during the entire process of finding someone who could come over and immediately get the kind of help I needed to get the snakes from my house. I also realized that I had to convince the cat to avoid snakes. Fortunately, he’s a cooperative creature and he will respond to rewards.

The person who showed up to help me get rid of snakes was a sweet and gentle man. He was able to round up the snakes in my house quickly. He also showed me how to make sure that I help avoid them getting into the house ever again. This allowed to be happy at night knowing that I could have a house that was not going to allow in any sort of snake in the future. I was very pleased with my choice of wildlife removal services.